"Energy Sector Minority Shareholders Association" Established

Monday, November 25, 2019



As announced at the Great Regional Small Shareholders' Conference held in July this year at the Hilton Hotel in Podgorica, recently the "Energy Sector Minority Shareholders Association" from the territory of Republika Srpska was formally registered.


Through its activities, the Association will try to protect in the best way the interests of minority shareholders of the energy sector, which are mostly made up of citizens of Republika Srpska, both directly and through shares in investment funds. From the very beginning, the Association has significant shareholder support in all the issuers that make up the energy sector, especially in hydroelectric power plants (HPPs on the Drina, Trebisnjica, Vrbas) where we already gather about 10% of the total shareholders.


The Association will actively contribute to the development and improvement of the capital market environment, as well as to the development of corporate governance individually in issuers and in the final to economic development of Republika Srpska.


The aim is also to change the negative perception of minority shareholders, who are mostly seen as a destructive factor in Republika Srpska. The association will be focused on creating value for all shareholders, building partnerships with the majority owner, ie. country.


The Executive Director of the Association is Bojan Blagojević, dipl. oec. from Banja Luka who has extensive experience in the domestic capital market.


In addition to the domestic stakeholders, support for the founding of the Association was provided by shareholders from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, as well as from Western Europe.


Hydroelectric Power Plants on Trebisnjica
Hydroelectric Power Plants on Trebisnjica